Ask Attis’ mission is to offer rapid, accurate and easy identification 

of pests & diseases on food crops across the globe.

The Founding Team

At Ask Attis, we are convinced that everything starts with the right people in the right place. We want to redesign the Home Garden Industry because our very passionate experts are the spark that ignites our culture, the willingness to succeed, and the strive for a global impact.


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Meet our CEO

Interview with Belgian Chamber of Commerce

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Chief Food Crop Officer








"Placing the customer at the center of our effort means we take responsibility for the protection of their informations. Our solution is designed from the ground up with the safeguarding of data in mind."



Software Engineer

"We want to have a global impact to ensure food security for households by providing a state of the art technology which is very easy to use"

The Ask Attis Story

Ask Attis is born out of the experiences and knowledge of our founders.

On any given Sunday in August 2018, Guy walked in his garden and saw that a lot of his crops (boxwood) died. Because of the fact that he isn't an expert in gardening, he went for a search for a mobile application that could help him, but without a success.


A few days later, Guy met his friend Ann where she just attended a lecture about pests & diseases in one of the leading Universities in the world in the area of pests & diseases on food crops. They both saw immediately that there was an urgent need for a solution to enhance household food security and nutrition. Based on their experience, knowledge, skills, they were immediately convinced that they could bring added value.

Based on their experience, knowledge and skills, they were immediately convinced that they could offer added value for the home gardener. After several meeting, further study and research at the University, combined with their entrepreneurship, Ask Attis was born.


ATTIS comes from the ancient Phrygian god of vegetation.

"Our sustainable solution is to enhance household food security and nutrition. Thanks to our passionate experts, we are going to redesign

the Home Garden Industry."

"Our technology places our customers at its center.

We combine our design skills with technology to give Ask Attis that extra edge."

"Household food security exists when all the people living in the household have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food. This is why we want to help everybody who loves farming."

Meet The Team



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